Easy & Tasty – A collection of delicious and original vegetarian and vegan recipes by Rosie Marriott

Since retiring from teaching at Maharishi School in the Summer of 2016, Rosie, a talented cook, has been offering lunches to Maharishi School staff in her own home. Her food was so delicious that staff suggested she put her ideas into a collection of recipes. Rosie decided to do just that with this wonderful book and she is kindly and generously selling it to raise funds for 365bet体育.The title of the book is ‘Easy & Tasty’ and the recipes are just that, easy and very tasty. Rosie hopes that the title of the cookbook is sufficient encouragement to all, whether you are an established vegetarian, or just want to try cooking the occasional meat free meal. Many of the recipes are vegan, or can be easily adapted for a vegan diet, and some are gluten free. For sample recipe please click


The book is available online £6.99 + P&P


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“我去过Rosie的多次吃饭,你永远不知道会发生什么,它总是美好的 - 伟大的香味和味道,原来还是传统的,但总是与众不同。它的烹饪佩戴的寿命知识非常轻 - 享受“比尔·史蒂文斯退休的技术销售经理!

“Rosie的食物是美味的,因为它是营养丰富,而且它总是在我一周时,她做了工作人员的午餐一大亮点” - 丽莎·爱德华兹,365bet体育校长的。 

‘During the 8 years i have known Rosie, I have been lucky enough to be invited to sit around her dining table to share in some of the most delicious home-cooked meals. These have been well thought out, well planned and very well baked, to produce some of the most delightful and mouthwatering sweet & savoury treats.In recent months I have taken over a coffee 店. Rosie has been kind enough to allow me to have some of her recipes from this book to put on my menu board. I’m in no doubt that they will be a huge success with my customers and I hope I can do them justice – Claire Lawson, proprietor of ‘The Wagging Tail’ (Dog-Friendly) Cafe in Southport.